A Serious Toy for Tree Nerds

Global Tree Search is an online tool recently created by Botanic Gardens Conservation International with several partners, including Chicago’s own Morton Arboretum. It’s a sort of worldwide inventory of tree species and their original distribution. Here’s a link.

About Those Palm Trees

So here’s something I learned during our recent trip to California: palm trees are not native to Los Angeles.

Kudos for the Common Hackberry

First, I have to say that I am heartsick over yesterday’s election. Heartsick, and worried about what the future has in store. However, I don’t want to write about the election. I spend a lot of time on politics, and one of… Read More

Well, That’s a Relief

I stepped outside on Saturday and noticed that the Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) across the street had undergone a significant downsizing. It had suffered substantial breakage from the last couple of storms, and I wondered if its current state was a prelude… Read More

We Have a New Patio! Plus Some Tree News

For the last seven years or so, we have not had a patio. The old patio disappeared when we rebuilt an expanded back porch. Since then, we’ve been keeping our limited collection of outdoor furniture on the grass. This had several disadvantages…. Read More

Fall Color Settling In Slowly

It’s been a warm fall. The days have been a bit warmer than normal. More important, the nights have not been nearly as cold, generally about 10 to 20 degrees (F) warmer than average. Weather is only one factor affecting fall color,… Read More

Doing the Charleston

Charleston was one of the first major towns in the American colonies. The historic district is full of well-preserved buildings from the early 19th and 18th Centuries. In fact, it seems every building in that part of town had a plaque attesting… Read More

Strangers in a Strange Land

So there is more to holidays than food. We also had hikes to take, birds to watch, shells to collect. As I mentioned before, we had rented a house on Edisto Island, near the town of Edisto Beach. The back of the… Read More

Drought, Deadly Nightshade, and a Happy Birthday

Yesterday we drove up to St. Paul, Minnesota, to celebrate my birthday with my younger son, my brother Richard, and his wife Diane. When we get to St. Paul, we like to take a little hike at Minnehaha Park, site of the… Read More