And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Not walls exactly, just one of the sides of the Driveway Border. When the snow melted this spring, it revealed that a bunch of the pavers used to create this border had fallen over.


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Ecological Gardening Still Fashionable in Chicago

Millenium Park, which includes the Lurie Garden, has displaced Navy Pier as the top tourist attraction in the American Midwest (both are in Chicago). Today’s Chicago Tribune tells us that Millenium Park was visited by nearly 13 million people in the second half of 2016, while Navy Pier had 9 million visitors for the entire year.

2013-06-06 14.19.06
Lurie Garden’s River of Salvia



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A Serious Toy for Tree Nerds

Global Tree Search is an online tool recently created by Botanic Gardens Conservation International with several partners, including Chicago’s own Morton Arboretum. It’s a sort of worldwide inventory of tree species and their original distribution. Here’s a link.

weird barrel trees

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All Neat and Tidy!

So the landscapers came last week and completed the spring cleanup. When I returned on Friday everything was neat as a pin.


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The Great Daffodil Disaster of 2017

Warning: this post may be upsetting to younger or more sensitive readers. It’s upsetting to me, though few would call me “younger” and “sensitive” would probably be subject to debate.

Don’t look! Victims of the disaster.

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Istanbul’s Fortress of Europe

Writing about Kedi, a movie about the cats of Istanbul, inspired me to go back and look at photos from our 2009 trip to Turkey. I’ve written a few posts about that trip, though not one about Rumeli Hisari, also known as the Fortress of Europe.

2009-12-29 05.19.45

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Slowly but surely, spring is starting to feel like Spring. We had rain pretty much all weekend, but I was able to sneak out during a break in the precipitation to take some photos in the garden.


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Late March Blooms at the Lurie Garden

Friday was one of those days that inspires people to ignore the calendar and don short sleeved shirts and the like. After a mostly wintry March it was most welcome, and so I took the opportunity to walk over to the Lurie Garden during my lunch break.

species tulip lurie

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A Movie About the Cats of Istanbul

The other night Judy and I went to see a movie called Kedi – a documentary about the cats of Istanbul. We visited Istanbul at the end of 2009, and had loved many things about the city – including the omnipresent cats. Judy took the photos in this post during that trip.

2009-12-24 05.18.40-1

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Signs of Life in the Garden

March has been such a tease. February was so mild I began to suspect that Chicago had been magically transported to a more southern latitude, but then March brought us back to reality with a snowstorm. Then the snow melted. However, every time I was tempted to feel a little comfort and joy in the garden, March would give me a rude poke with cold winds and a hard frost.

Daffodil foliage

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