Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, 2017

Yesterday Judy and I revisited the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden in Tokyo in time to see the Spider Lilies (Lycoris radiata) bloom. Tomorrow we fly back to Chicago.


View From a Kyoto Side Street


On the Train to Kyoto

View from our window at about 200 mph on the Shinkansen.


Kanazawa Castle


Kenrokuen Garden


Yanaka Cemetery, Tokyo


White Crane (or Maybe an Egret)

Hunting for a nosh at Hama-Rikyu garden in Tokyo.



Greetings from Tokyo

Main gate to Sensoji Temple on a rainy day.


Saying Goodbye to the Garden

It’s hard to leave the garden when you’re going away for a long trip. Judy and I are heading to Japan tomorrow and we’ll be staying there for a couple of weeks. (It’s another vacation piggybacked on Judy’s business trip.) I can’t stop thinking of everything I’ll miss while we’re gone.

So I spent much of the weekend inspecting the beds and borders, taking everything in, and fretting about what blooms I may miss while I’m gone. Why don’t you come along while I say goodbye to the garden and all its botanical citizens.

First off, goodbye to the Susans – both Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida) and Brown-Eyed Susan (R. triloba). They’ve both had a pretty good year, and they’ll probably still have a few blooms when we get back.


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A Bird and Pollinator Video Retrospective

Last night I included a video Judy made a couple of years ago in my post. That got me looking at other videos she had made. She had fun making  these videos with her Nikon camera but then stopped, I think she may have been discouraged about getting the kind of quality (focus, etc.) that she wanted.

Actually, I thought they were pretty good. So, I am posting (or reposting) them now, in part ┬ábecause they are worth watching and in part because I’m hoping she’ll go back to doing videos. So here they are.


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