Lurie Garden in November

Time for another installment in my monthly series on Chicago’s Lurie Garden. By November, the flowers have pretty much vanished, and yet there is still plenty of color.

Lurie nov 16

The sky was grey and overcast on the day I brought the camera downtown, which was a little disappointing. On the other hand, November tends to be a gray and overcast month, so perhaps the weather was fitting. If the day were sunny with blue skies, it just wouldn’t look like November.

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Country Bee, City Bee

For some bee species, cities can provide a more welcoming habitat than the countryside. In fact, cities are emerging as important players in bee conservation. That’s the message of an article I stumbled upon in the online magazine Yale Environment 360.

Bumble Bee, Wild Bergamot
Bee foraging on Wild Bergamot

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Peg Bier’s Shade Garden, With a Special Emphasis on Chickens

Not live chickens, metal chickens. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re going back to another garden we visited during the Garden Bloggers Fling in the DC area.


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One Small Step for Monarchs

Hope is in the air since this past Tuesday’s election results from New Jersey, Virginia, Maine, and elsewhere. Not only that, but there is some positive garden-related news as well.

2015-07-06 10.05.05-1
Monarch feeding on Rose Milkweed

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A Little Dose of Agricultural Aggravation

So a few days ago there was an article in the New York Times about problems caused by the herbicide Dicamba.

pesticide 2

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A Garden With a Sense of Humor

And now for another of the gardens of the DC Fling, this one belonging to Ellen Ash and located in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. The aspect of this garden that has stayed with me most is its sense of humor.


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Friends Don’t Let Friends Plant Bradford Pear

Like you, I get a daily barrage of unwanted emails from, it seems, every website I have ever visited to make any kind of purchase. Approximately 99% of these missives get deleted unopened. Recently, I got an email newsletter from Angie’s List that was about to share the fate of all that had come before it until my eye caught the title: “5 Types of Trees to Avoid”.

oz tree2
Also, avoid talking apple trees.


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Showa: A Comic Book History of Japan

Before we went to Japan this year, I decided I would try to be a more informed traveler and read some Japanese history. By far the most engrossing and entertaining history books I found were by the Japanese Manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki.


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Garden Splendor in Sun and Shade

So another suburban DC garden we visited on the second day of the Fling was that of garden designer Debbie Friedman. I found this garden interesting in part because, like mine, hers is sunny in front and with a good deal of shade in the back.


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The Lurie Garden in October

October is the golden month at the Lurie Garden.


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