When One Door Closes … and Happy Holidays!

You may remember how for years I’ve been saying that we needed to replace our front screen door, which was perfect for giving people the impression that our house was abandoned. Actually, the whole door needed replacing, as it was designed to ensure that refreshing blasts of arctic air kept the indoors from getting too stuffy.

Our new door.

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Visiting Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple

So when we left off telling you about our trip to Japan we had just gotten off the Sumida River water bus at the Akasuka stop. From there we were walking to Sensoji, one of Tokyo’s most venerable Buddhist Temples. Alas, it was still raining.


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Rodgersia That?

So I’m still trying to figure out what to plant in place of the Cranberrybush Viburnum (Viburnum trilobum) that are snuggled up against the hedge on the west side of the Back Garden. Whatever I choose has to be pretty shade tolerant, as this spot is shaded by the hedge itself in the afternoon, in addition to the dappled shade that covers the Back Garden as a whole.

Rodgersia ‘Smaragd’

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Riding the Tokyo Water Bus

So where were we? Oh right, Judy and I had just gotten on the Tokyo Water Bus at the Hama Rikyu Garden stop. We decided we would take the Sumida River Line to Asakusa, then get off and walk to the Sensoji Temple.


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Tokyo’s Hama Rikyu Garden in the Rain

Our first day in Tokyo this past September, Judy and I visited Hama Rikyu Garden. Some four hundred years ago this garden consisted of a shallow pond and marshland used by feudal lords for duck hunting. Today, however, it is surrounded by the skyscrapers of downtown Tokyo.


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Linda Hostetler’s Garden of Happy Surprises

So this will be my last post about the 2017 Garden Bloggers’ Fling, and it seems right and proper to end with one of the very best of the many fine gardens we visited.


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And on a Personal Note

So on Friday night our older son Daniel called and said he wanted to drop by around 9 pm. This was a bit mysterious, and Judy and I figured that either he had been diagnosed with some serious illness or he was getting married. I’m delighted to say it was the latter.

Daniel and Beckee have proven that differences in height do not have to be a barrier to love.

He’s been with his fiancee Beckee for about two years. An attorney and ex-cheerleader, Becky is intelligent, warm, accomplished, and enthusiastic. She shares Daniel’s values and interests. Judy and I quickly became so comfortable with her that she seemed like one of the family. And now, she will be.

We’re very happy.

In Winter A Gardener’s Fancy Turns To Ordering Plants


There’s a lot less to do in the garden these days, so I’m thinking more about what I’ll be planting in the spring. I would say these thoughts are about plants that fall into two categories. First, there are plants that are needed to fill some empty niche in the garden. And second, there are plants I just want despite the fact that I have no place to put them.

Bottle Gentian
Bottle Gentian at theĀ  Lurie Garden

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Tammy’s Garden Oasis in the Suburbs

On the last day of the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling, we visited the garden of Fling organizer extraordinaire Tammy Schmitt, author of the blog Casa Mariposa.

Invasion of the garden bloggers.

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Shrubs On the Chopping Block

I’m thinking about getting rid of some shrubs. For starters, there’s the 3 Cranberrybush Viburnum (Viburnum trilobum) that I planted along the west side of the Back Garden.

2016-08-21 16.22.02
Cranberrybush Viburnum fruit, aka Squirrel Chow.

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