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Back And Sides

Most of the horticultural drama around here is in the front garden. But we shouldn’t forget that on either side of the house there are narrow strips within our property lines. And then there’s the back garden. Let’s take a look at… Read More

Spring Onions and Geraniums Gone Wild

These days if you walk by our house the first thing to strike your eye will be the ‘Globemaster’ Alliums blooming in the Parkway Bed.

How Do You Like Them Onions?

More specifically, Alliums – which is to say, ornamental onions.

Bloom Day for May

Tomorrow is Bloom Day, a chance for us to give a monthly overview of everything in flower in their gardens. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted by May Dreams Gardens, where you can find a link to Bloom Day posts from around… Read More

Ignore the Flowers Day: September, 2016

For me, blooms make the garden. This attitude is considered unsophisticated by some, who say we must pay greater attention to more enduring plant features: foliage, texture, structure, yada yada. Grudgingly, I admit that there is something to what these people say,… Read More

Spring Onions

There are three patches of spring-blooming ornamental onions, or Alliums, in our garden.

Alliums of Lurie Garden – and a Giveaway!

Did you know that 2016 has been declared the Year of the Allium by the National Garden Bureau? ¬†I didn’t either, until I was contacted by someone working with the online retailer Longfield Gardens¬†(that’s Longfield, not Longwood).

The Beautiful Onions of Spring

The genus Allium includes onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, and several dozen ornamental species. All Alliums are alliaceous, which is an excellent word you can hold onto for occasions when you want to impress others with your botanical knowledge. It means they smell… Read More

Seeds, Berries, and Foliage in the June Garden

Seeds, berries, and foliage sounds like some kind of trail mix, although it would have to be called seeds-berries-n-foliage because apparently the word “and” is bad branding, as you never see it in the names of consumer products. Commas also seem to… Read More

Peony’s Progress

This is the fourth spring since I planted peonies in our garden. I didn’t really want to plant peonies, they didn’t fit in with my native/wildlife-friendly gardening ethos. Plus, let’s face it, they are the ultimate horticultural flash in the pan: blooming… Read More