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6 Flowers That Rabbits Don’t Like To Eat

In honor of Easter, I want to talk about rabbits.

Blooms of Mid-July, Part 2

Following up on the last post, here’s a run down of the blooms in the rest of the garden: the Left Bank (the smaller part of the front garden that lies west of the driveway) and the shady back garden.

A Secluded Shade Garden in Toronto

Here’s another garden we got to visit in the Forest Hill section of Toronto. Again, remember that this is early June.

Time to Order the Tulips!

This week I placed my order for bulbs, something I do every September. For me, placing this order is a kind of early fall ritual. It is also an opportunity to experience the sweet agony of choosing from among the offerings in… Read More

More Spring Cleanup and Foliage Day

More good progress on garden cleanup this weekend. Mostly on Saturday, which was cool and sunny. Sunday was cold (about 32 degrees F, or 0 C), so I didn’t put in as many hours outside. My biggest single cleanup accomplishment was digging… Read More

Chicago’s Lurie Garden

After the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Lurie Garden should be the next must-see item on the agenda of any avid gardener visiting Chicago. It is a five acre garden in the heart of downtown, designed by Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel. Truly… Read More