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A Single Amaryllis

That’s all we’ve got so far in terms of indoor winter blooms. And I can’t even tell you what variety it is, because I lost the tag. I do think it’s a pretty nice one, though. I bought for Judy’s Christmas stocking,… Read More

Thanks for the Amaryllis!

Most years I pot up a few Amaryllis bulbs to bloom indoors over winter. This year, however, I just never got around to doing so. Happily, our friend Rose (of Prairie Rose’s Garden blog) sent us a gift that made up for… Read More

My Favorite Amaryllis This Year

So my favorite Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) this year is definitely ‘Picotee’. The bulbs are more expensive than most other Amaryllis, but I’d say they’re worth it.

A Cheering Winter Star

I was in need of a morale boost a couple of weeks ago, and soon the answer came to me: Amaryllis bulbs. Something I could order immediately, plant indoors, and enjoy while the garden was still a frozen wasteland. It was a… Read More

Amaryllis ‘Merry Christmas’

I’ve discovered a new favorite variety of Amaryllis. It’s called ‘Merry Christmas’.

Amaryllis ‘Miracle’

One of my two Amaryllis ‘Miracle’ bulbs started blooming this week. And it’s a good thing, because I needed something that wasn’t on a computer screen to distract me from the dreary scene outside. The days have been not just short, but… Read More

Amaryllis Hostage Crisis: the Final Chapter

Well, the Amaryllis made its desperate Leap to Freedom one too many times. Even with the shoelaces, stake, and skewers holding it back, we still found it lying on the table the other morning. Finally Judy rummaged around and found a tall… Read More

Hand it Over – Or the Amaryllis Gets It

Our Amaryllis is being held hostage. Not really. It is merely suffering from an unhappy home life. Back in December, Judy and I placed it on a table in the back porch, figuring that’s where it would get the most sun. It… Read More