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Virtue Rewarded and a Grass Divided

So the bad news is that once again there are Fourlined Plant Bugs (FPBs) in the garden.

Mid-August Blooms, Part 1

I had a happy reunion with the garden after Judy and I returned from our trip late Saturday afternoon. The first thing I noticed were bright swaths of yellow that seemed to dominate the area in front of the house. Yellow –… Read More

Blooms of Mid-July, Part 1

By the middle of July it feels like we have reached the gateway to high summer in Chicago. Let’s see what’s blooming in the garden, starting with the main part of the front garden: the Driveway Border, Sidewalk Border, and the Island… Read More

Ten Favorite Stars for Sunny Gardens

In my last post I wrote about an article in the current issue of Gardens Illustrated called ‘100 Plants Every Gardener Should Grow’. While I took issue with the title, it has inspired me to do a much more modest list of… Read More

Out, damn’d leaf spot! out I say!

So here’s a vignette that isn’t so pleasant. Right now my garden has the worst leaf spot infection I’ve ever seen. It may have something to do with the cool, wet spring we’ve had. At least I hope it’s leaf spot, a… Read More

Blooms in August

Once again it is time for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (GBBD), hosted by May Dreams Gardens. GBBD provides a mid-month opportunity to count up our flowering plants like a latter day pirate counting his treasures. So put on your eyepatch, and let’s… Read More

Blooming Stars of High Summer

With high summer comes a new cast of players in the front garden’s Driveway Border. There are many stars in the border, and it is gratifying to see them strut their stuff. At the far end, anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) comes to… Read More

Beeing There

There are a lot more bees in our garden this year than last. That does not mean, I realize, that the crisis of bee survival is abating, but it is nice to know that at least our garden provides bees with good… Read More

The Five Best Native Blue Flowers

CLEOPATRA:          Is it true that when Caesar caught you on that island, you were painted all over blue? BRITANNUS:         Blue is the color worn by all Britons of good standing. In war, we stain… Read More

Snow and Sun

And now for something completely different: on Saturday it snowed. It was just an inch or two of light, fluffy snow. Then on Sunday we had an odd meteorological phenomenon – I forget what it’s called – in which bright light seemed… Read More