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Blue Blooms for the End of May

The garden seems quieter now that the Tulips and Daffodils are gone.  It’s starting to transition from spring to summer, and for some reason blue flowers become more prominent at this time.

Two Walks in the Lurie Garden

At my annual checkup I was told to try walking for a half hour every day in addition to whatever other exercise I was already doing. Luckily for me, the Lurie Garden is just about 10 minute walk from my office.

Judy and Her New Camera at Lurie Garden

When we bought Judy’s last camera, about eight years ago, we were amazed by what it could do. It was a Nikon D40, her first digital SLR camera. We both tend to believe that any object that represents a major purchase should… Read More

The Flowers of Mid-June

It’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day again, so let’s see which flowers are strutting their stuff at the Garden in a City. This is a great year for Salvia in our garden. Salvia nemerosa ‘May Night’ and ‘East Friesland’, along with S. x… Read More

Blue Blooms Smiling At Me

We are now in that transitional stage between the spring and summer flowers. Lots and lots of foliage and buds, and lots of green. Beyond green, it seems that the dominant color right now is blue. This is not due to any… Read More

Back Garden Notes

Time to Dig the Alliums In the back garden there is a patch of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ (Allium aflatunense) that has expanded substantially over time but that is also getting rather too congested. A sign of this is the thick growth of… Read More

Chicago’s Lurie Garden in May

Earlier this week Judy was walking to the Millenium Park garage in downtown Chicago but, prompted by the mild weather and clear light, took a detour into the Lurie Garden. The views were sublime – full of blues, purples, and whites –… Read More

Poll: What To Plant Along The Sidewalk?

There’s a flower border along my front sidewalk. I’m not satisfied with it. The issue is what to plant up against the sidewalk, between the Bluestar (Amsonia tabernaemontana) at one end and the Monarda, Short’s Aster (Aster shortii), and Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea)… Read More

Foliage Follow-Up: July 2013 (Now With Elderberries!)

Foliage Follow-Up is a meme sponsored by Pam at Digging which highlights the importance of foliage, and also helps us avoid putting all our mid-month photos in the GBBD post. So, I got some real nice foliage for ya! First of all,… Read More

Clip Clip Here, Clip Clip There …

This weekend I’ve been implementing a second round of cutting back my perennials. For some reason, whenever I do a lot of pruning or cutting back in my garden, I get a mental image of the Cowardly Lion getting a haircut during… Read More