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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: I’m Back!

I haven’t done a GBBD post since October. And because we are having such a cold spring (or Sprinter, as Rachelle at Talking to Plants puts it), I don’t have much to show yet. Plenty of stuff getting ready to bloom, not… Read More


Yesterday I was delighted to find my garden’s first crocus blooms of the season! Hurrah! There are quite a few crocus in my garden, but their bloom time varies over a couple of weeks depending on both variety and location – some… Read More

Careless Gardening, or Planting 200 Crocuses in 2 Minutes

Well, maybe 5 minutes. I’d wanted to get these corms of Crocus tommasinianus ‘Lilac Beauty’ planted for a while, but could never find the time when the weather was decent and the ground wasn’t a muddy mire. (How odd to write that… Read More