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The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

So I think the time has come to start posting about the Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling, which happened back in July. Let’s start with our visit to the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden.

Late Return

For the gardener, spring is about plants returning to active growth from their winter dormancy. The earliest plants to do so inspire a special jolt of happiness.

A Visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden

Last Sunday Judy and I made our first visit of the year to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Usually we go about once a month starting in May, and try to make certain highlights like when the crabapples are in bloom – but… Read More

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: July, 2015

Finally! Our wet, cooler weather has delayed some of the excitement of summer in the garden, but as of today things are moving along. Just yesterday the ‘Eye-yi-yi’ Daylilies (Hemorocallis) in the Driveway Border started bursting into bloom. Here they are with… Read More

Out, damn’d leaf spot! out I say!

So here’s a vignette that isn’t so pleasant. Right now my garden has the worst leaf spot infection I’ve ever seen. It may have something to do with the cool, wet spring we’ve had. At least I hope it’s leaf spot, a… Read More

High Stakes Gardening

Plants with bad posture: can’t stand ’em. Which is a problem in a garden like mine, intended to have an informal, even wild feel to it. Also, I like to grow big plants generally and especially wildflowers accustomed to a lean soil. My… Read More

Red Admirals

When we arrived home from the airport today there were two Red Admirals fluttering around the front garden. I chose to view them as our welcoming committee. A Red Admiral is not a Soviet naval officer but a butterfly. They’ve been present… Read More

If Orange is the New Black …

If orange is the new black, then at this moment my front garden is very fashionable. For now the blues of early June have given way to an orange July. Orange is supposed to be a difficult color – too bright, too… Read More

The Five Best Native Blue Flowers

CLEOPATRA:          Is it true that when Caesar caught you on that island, you were painted all over blue? BRITANNUS:         Blue is the color worn by all Britons of good standing. In war, we stain… Read More

How To Buy A Rose Bush

It was a rose bush I had to have as soon as I saw it at the garden center. It was named ‘Strike It Rich’, and it was still blooming in the August heat. Its color was described as “deep golden yellow,… Read More