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Goldfinches, the Vegan Birds

Our Cup Plants (Silphium perfoliatum) are full of Goldfinches these days. Goldfinches love Cup Plant seeds. Also Echinacea seeds, Sunflower (Helianthus) seeds, and Thistle seed, among others. But of those 4, I only have Cup Plants.

The Jolly Yellow Giants

Some say that Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum), or any perennial that can top 10 feet in height, is unsuitable for a small suburban garden. I disagree.

Hungry Goldfinches on a Snowy Day

We’ve had lots of Goldfinches this winter, more than in recent years. They’re all over our two nyjer seed feeders.

Savoring Autumn Awesomeness

It’s the middle of October already. I’m already starting to mourn the passing of autumn, which is rough because I’m still not over the passing of summer. Anyway, at the risk of being repetitive, I’m posting some pictures taken earlier in the… Read More

A Bird and Pollinator Video Retrospective

Last night I included a video Judy made a couple of years ago in my post. That got me looking at other videos she had made. She had fun making ┬áthese videos with her Nikon camera but then stopped, I think she… Read More

My Kind of Bird Watching

Today we participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, which is sponsored by the Audubon Society, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Bird Studies Canada. GBBC brings together tens of thousands of people from around the world to compile data that scientists… Read More

Goldfinches Getting Ready for Summer

American Goldfinches have been active at the feeders lately. Over the weekend Judy took some photographs of male Goldfinches that show them almost done with molting out of their winter plumage, which is a dull gray. Some time ago I wrote a… Read More

Tomorrow is the Last Day of the Great Backyard Bird Count

Yesterday and today Judy and I sat for an hour on the back porch, watching birds. This was not an example of us wasting time. No, it was an example of us carrying out our responsibilities as Citizen Scientists. Specifically, we were… Read More

Lights! Camera! Goldfinch!

Judy shot this video today of a goldfinch eating seeds on the Cupplant (Silphium perfoliatum) in the front garden. Goldfinches love cupplant, and I love to watch them eat. Though they can be messy. This one must drop at least three seeds… Read More

Busy Day at the Bird Feeder

It’s a grey day, and the snow has been coming down hard since last night. And when it snows, there are lots of hungry customers for the bird feeders in the back garden. Cardinals, goldfinches, house finches, and chickadees crowd around the… Read More