Tag: Ironweed

The Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

I’ve lived practically next door to the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary ever since we moved back to Chicago 14 years ago. In fact, I’ve driven right past it on most days for all those years. And yet, last week was the first… Read More

Seedhead Sunday

Scott at Rhone Street Gardens had the idea of posting a picture of seedheads on every Sunday. The inspiration was well-timed, as fall and winter are the seasons for seedheads in the garden. I was struck by some of the seedheads  I… Read More

Wildflower Whining

The wildflowers aren’t whining, I am. For starters, why can’t the Yellow Coneflowers (Ratibida pinnata) stand up STRAIGHT! I could put up with some nonchalant leaning, but these guys want to just flop over like, I don’t know, like something that is… Read More

Wildflower Wednesday: How Ironic

Tall Ironweed (Vernonia altissima), like the other Ironweed species, has many virtues and is a good plant for the true native plant enthusiast.  Which is to say, if you are looking for a plant that delivers a major ornamental punch proportionate to… Read More

Summer Finale: August 2013 GBBD

We are at the mid-point of August. Mid-summer flowers are fading, late summer bloomers are peaking, and the very first flowers of autumn begin to open, like scouts checking out a new territory. I am very impressed with Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)…. Read More

It’s Spring. Do You Know Where Your Perennials Are?

When I was growing up in the late Mesozoic era, TV stations used to demonstrate their civic responsibility by running a particular public service announcement. The one I have in mind usually had a still shot of some teenagers on a dark… Read More