Tag: Late Spring

Marching One By One

Spring’s progress this last week reminds me of that song The Ants Go Marching. Like a lot of people, I want spring to burst forth with great masses of colorful flowers. But so far, the flowers have been marching in one by… Read More

The Retreat from Moscow

It’s March 1st. March 1st, and 22 degrees F (or -6C). Also, we are expecting another three to five inches of snow. As this year’s winter crawls towards spring, it puts me in mind of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. Not that I… Read More

Weekend Garden Notes: Is It Spring Yet?

Yes, technically, it is. But it is still by no means spring-like. The ground is still mostly frozen. Yesterday was sunny, but had a high of 37 degrees F (3 C). Today is gloomy and windy, and snow is expected tonight and… Read More

Container Tulips: Back to the Garage You Go!

Last fall I wrote about how I had planted 96 hybrid tulip bulbs in containers for the spring of this year. I prefer to use species tulips, which are smaller and more perennial, in my beds. Judy, however, missed the big, luscious… Read More