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Greenwashed Landscaping

So last Friday I was really looking forward to a reunion with my garden after being away almost all week. A local landscaping company called Greenwise was supposed to have done the spring cleanup while I was gone, and I was eager… Read More

Night of the Living Mulch

So a little while back I came across this 2017 Washington Post article about using sedges (Carex) as a substitute for mulch.

Confessions of a Leaf Thief

Some people think that the proper way to tidy up the yard for fall is to rake or blow every single leaf into giant brown bags from Home Depot, said bags to be taken away by the city. This makes me insane…. Read More

Adventures in Soil Testing

So I’ve been taking a class called “Soil Basics” at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The instructor is Ellen Phillips, who has many years experience as a soil scientist in the US and overseas. (She’s an excellent teacher, and I recommend the class… Read More