Tag: Narcissi

The Garden Awakes

The weather has been warm for mid-March, but wet. The garden is waking, though most of it is still pretending to sleep. Some plants are hitting the snooze button, nestling under the fertile earth like a blanket. But among all the dead… Read More

Equal Time (More or Less) for Narcissi

In an earlier post I established that Tulips are better than Narcissus. However, as a socially responsible garden blog, I endeavor to present multiple points of view and also to comply with the Equal Time Rule (Communications Act of 1934, 47 USC… Read More

Doing the Charleston

Charleston was one of the first major towns in the American colonies. The historic district is full of well-preserved buildings from the early 19th and 18th Centuries. In fact, it seems every building in that part of town had a plaque attesting… Read More