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Where The Bulbs Are

There comes a point with every garden where it starts getting difficult to figure out where to put all the plants that you (meaning, in this case, I) must have. It’s kind of like the irresistible mass meets the inflexible property line.

A “White House” That Delights

The OT Hybrid Lilies are done blooming, in fact I’ve snipped off the tips so that they won’t waste energy making seeds. Happily, the Oriental Lily ‘Casa Blanca’ has taken up where the OT Hybrid left off.

Is Yellow Just Too Common?

Why is it that Sissinghurst has a White Garden but not a Yellow Garden? Perhaps yellow is just a bit too insistently cheerful, like those morning people who sing and bustle about while you try to burrow into your newspaper. Also, I… Read More

These are the Gardens in Your Neighborhood (Veronica’s Garden)

Judy and I have done a lot of traveling to visit gardens in other states and even other countries. But it is worth remembering that there are unique and remarkable gardens literally right around the corner. One such surrounds a small, single-story… Read More

Ordering Bulbs for Fall Planting

At the beginning of the week I finally got in my order for bulbs to plant this fall. Once again, I used my favorite source for bulbs, John Scheeper’s. The order was mostly bulbs I had planted before, but I am also… Read More

Oh, ‘Casa Blanca’, What Happened To You?

I can’t deny it any further: my ‘Casa Blanca’ Oriental Lilies did not make it through the winter. This is a bitter loss, indeed. I loved my ‘Casa Blanca’. The pure, ivory white blooms. But above all, that fragrance, a fragrance that… Read More