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June Berries

We think of fall as the season of fruitfulness, but there are a number of plants bearing ripe fruits in June. These are the plants displaying attractive fruits right now in our garden.

A Tale of Two Shrubs

Right now is the showiest time of the year for two very worthy but perhaps unspectacular shrubs: Gray Dogwood (Cornus racemosa) and Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa).

A Bit of Tender Spring Green

So I arrived in Baltimore last night and right now Judy and I are staying with friends in the small town of Dayton, Maryland. Our plan for the day was to see the Azaleas at the National Arboretum. Problem is, it’s raining…. Read More

Let Me Tell You ’bout the Buds and the Leaves …

In early spring I spend a lot of time staring at the ground. Of course, I’m looking for the first flowers. But I’m also looking for the new foliage that proves a plant has broken out of winter dormancy.

Foliage and Fruits of June

Recently a friend told me I needed more color and variegation among the foliage in my garden. I admit that when I think about ¬†plants, the foliage is often an afterthought. That’s one reason I like to participate in Garden Bloggers Foliage… Read More

April Leaves Bring May Flowers

Of course you also need rain, but it’s the fresh green leaves of April that herald the flowers of May. For some this tender new foliage is barely noticeable, certainly unremarkable. However, to me their appearance is a moment of cheerful drama…. Read More

Weekend Garden Notes

¬† Snowdrops are blooming. It’s a relief to finally see the first snowdrops (Galanthus) in bloom. In 2012 they bloomed in February and were done by mid-March. This year they are just getting started. I really should have kept track of the… Read More

Foliage Follow-Up: July 2013 (Now With Elderberries!)

Foliage Follow-Up is a meme sponsored by Pam at Digging which highlights the importance of foliage, and also helps us avoid putting all our mid-month photos in the GBBD post. So, I got some real nice foliage for ya! First of all,… Read More

Weekend Garden Notes: Tuteur, Iris, Allium

Voila, Le Tuteur! Today is lovely, sunny and cool, which makes up partly for yesterday, which was cloudy and cold. It didn’t rain though, so at the conclusion of this weekend I feel almost caught up with staking, cutting back, weeding, etc…. Read More

Forsythia: For Or Against?

Forsythia bushes bursting with bright yellow flowers is a common springtime sight in this part of the world, a sight that lifts the spirits of many. Yet not everyone loves forsythia. The anti-forsythia camp argues for an indictment of this shrub on… Read More