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Consider Yourself At Home

Recently Judy was on the back porch and noticed a small bird flitting in and out of the bird house that hangs just outside of the windows.

Overdue Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles were supposed to arrive early this year (according to people who know their birds), but came late instead. Normally they arrive right around May 1, but this year Judy saw our first Oriole on Thursday, May 5. Perhaps our… Read More

Return of the Prodigal Songbirds

Right around May 1 they return from winters spent in southern Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. (If only I could spend my winters there.) Of all the migrating birds that return from the tropics, my favorites are probably the Baltimore Orioles… Read More

Bird Feeding Fatigue

I’m suffering from BFF. Not Best Friends Forever, but Bird Feeding Fatigue. Normally scrupulous about keeping my various birdfeeders well-stocked, for about eight weeks I didn’t put out so much as a single seed. After a long hiatus, on Wednesday I filled… Read More

Attracting the Songbirds of Spring and Summer

In April I usually start changing the mix of bird foods that I offer in my back garden feeders. There are a few reasons for this. First off, I want to get ready for the neotropical migrants – orioles, grosbeaks, indigo buntings,… Read More

When Birds Collide

There was  a disturbing article about birds crashing into windows (or window strikes) in the Winter 2014 issue of Living Bird, the publication of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Apparently the typical American home passively kills 1-3 birds per year through window… Read More

2013: Birds of the Garden in Review

Well, it’s that time of year when people review various aspects of the year in the garden. As an avid backyard bird feeder, one thing I like to look back on is which birds showed up, which didn’t, and anything else that… Read More

Return of the Prodigal Grosbeak

The beginning of May is when many migratory songbirds return to the Chicago area. And so, before leaving home for a business trip, I stocked the bird feeders with some of their favorite foods. Sure enough, when I returned today, there were… Read More

2012: The Year in Birds (Part I)

Backyard bird watching has had its rewards and disappointments this year. Among the high points were the first ever appearances of cedar waxwings and indigo buntings. The cedar waxwings just hung around for a week or so, but I’ve planted a number… Read More