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No Man is Poor Who Has Fronds

Even gardeners like myself who gravitate to bright colors realize that from time to time you have to pause to appreciate the more subtle beauties of foliage. May is a good time to do that, because the fronds and leaves are so… Read More

Perennials for Fall Color

We usually think of fall color in terms of trees and shrubs. But there are many herbaceous plants that also offer good color in autumn. Here are a few in my garden right now. Starry Solomon’s Plume (Smilacina stellata) has long-lasting golden… Read More

Wildflower Wednesday: Starry Solomon’s Plume

Starry Solomon’s Plume is more properly known as Starry False Solomon’s Seal, but the people who write plant catalogues don’t like common names with “false”, it must drive down sales, so they came up with something with a more positive ring. I… Read More

Foliage Follow-Up: May 2013

May is a time for fresh green foliage, before heat and drought and little critters give us leaves looking tired and tattered. To begin with, there is wild ginger (Asarum canadense). Not really ginger, but the root does have a strong ginger… Read More

West-Of-The-Driveway Bed

About two years ago I put in one of my newer beds. It’s situated between the crabapple tree on the north and the sidewalk on the south. A thin strip of lawn separates the bed from the driveway to the east, and… Read More