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I want my damn bulbs!

At the beginning of September, before we left for Japan, I ordered bulbs from John Scheepers. Partly this was out of fear that upon return I would be in a jet lagged haze, causing me to forget this essential chore. Also, I… Read More

Getting to the Tuberous Root of the Matter

Botanists like to make things complicated. Because of this, an almond is not really a nut but a drupe, and watermelons are actually berries. (Look it up if you don’t believe me.) Similarly, not all things we think of as bulbs are… Read More

I Get the Tulips Planted!

Yep, all 90 of them. I planted them in containers for the first time, having decided that tulips weren’t really a good fit in my perennial beds. For starters, the dying foliage flops over other emerging plants. Also, they are often short-lived,… Read More