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Buttoning Up the Garden

This past weekend it finally started to feel like November, with a sort of raw gray cold settling in. I realized that the available time for winter preparations was slipping away.

Planting Our Container Tulips, 2016

It’s a good thing I got the 200 daffodil bulbs from Colorblends planted pretty fast, because hard on their heels (do bulbs have heels?) came the tulip bulbs from John Scheepers.

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (Tra La)

A great deal can happen in the garden between the first of May and the middle of the month. Much depends on the vagaries of the weather, and we’ve had a surplus of vagaries this year. In this two week time span,… Read More

The Pinnacle of Tulip Season

In our garden, Tulip season is at its peak.


Yes, this year’s tulip season is now well underway. Let’s see which tulips are livening up the garden now, shall we?

Bring Out Your Container Tulips

Today I dug up the container tulips and set them out on the path to the front door. This is a day I look forward to at the beginning of every spring.

The Garden Awakes

The weather has been warm for mid-March, but wet. The garden is waking, though most of it is still pretending to sleep. Some plants are hitting the snooze button, nestling under the fertile earth like a blanket. But among all the dead… Read More

Container Tulips for Highly Distracted Gardeners

This is my annual post about planting tulips in containers, but with a twist. If you’re tired of reading about growing tulips in containers, I won’t hold it against you. If not, read on. Over the last few years I have become… Read More

Time to Order the Tulips!

This week I placed my order for bulbs, something I do every September. For me, placing this order is a kind of early fall ritual. It is also an opportunity to experience the sweet agony of choosing from among the offerings in… Read More

Nepeta ‘Kit Cat’ Makes a Really Nice Edging Plant

Actually, this is a short post with two goals. The first is to show how good Nepeta x faassenii ‘Kit Cat’ looks when it blooms along the edge of my Driveway Border. The second is to say farewell to the tulip season…. Read More