Here Are Some Lovely Peonies to Take Your Mind Off of Donald Trump

I feel that right about now we all  need something calming and beautiful to look at. And back in early June there was a lot of beauty at the Oshawa Peony Garden outside Toronto.

2015-06-06 14.48.15

2015-06-06 14.48.23

In fact, the Oshawa Peony Garden has about 300 varieties of peonies, like ‘Requiem’ above.


2015-06-06 14.49.17

‘Chocolate Soldier’

2015-06-06 14.50.43

‘America’ – I have this one in my own garden.

2015-06-06 14.47.05

‘Silver Dawn’

2015-06-06 14.50.57

‘Illini Warrior’ – are you paying attention, Rose?

2015-06-06 14.55.00

‘Pink Firefly’

2015-06-06 14.53.44

Like the poppies from The Wizard of Oz, the peonies of Oshawa lulled us into a sort of trance in which we took photographs rather than slept.

2015-06-06 15.06.34

This Peony Garden is part of the larger Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden, which features a stream where small children hunted for crayfish.

2015-06-06 15.10.13

There were also some truly enormous lilacs (Syringa vulgaris) in bloom, sweetening the air all around them.

There. Feel better?

79 Comments on “Here Are Some Lovely Peonies to Take Your Mind Off of Donald Trump

  1. Ha!! Well, it mostly worked… They are gorgeous and cheery, unlike the other subject in your title.

  2. Yes the perfect distraction! If only I could grow peonies! I do have peony envy!!!! As to the Donald I to live in my own little reality! And just now I hope mine wins!!!!

    • I have only a few peonies but they have gradually grown on me. I too hope our reality wins, I am pretty convinced it is the closest to objective reality.

  3. I’m very envious of such peonies, so beautiful, and so many of them! I don’t think I would be able to decide on a colour..thanks for the distraction!

  4. Your title had me laughing. Trump’s recent statement was on BBC radio 4 news this morning. Now, I’m British and find US politics confusing at the best of times but surely he is not a credible frontrunner is he?! The man’s a crackpot. Ooops – sorry! Back to your beautiful peonies. Ah, there. That’s better. They are sumptuous. 🙂

    • Depends what you mean by “credible”. He does sound like a crackpot, but I think he is something more sinister. And there are a lot of crackpots in this country.

      • There are worrying parallels between his rhetoric and that of last century in Europe. The politics of fear, ignorance and hate. Fingers crossed that sanity prevails amongst the electorate.

  5. Gorgeous peonies, I am mad on them.
    I always thought that someone with such a silly name and such a silly hairdo was a bit of a joke. Not funny now though. Downright sinister.

  6. Ha ha love it 🙂 and love some of your readers comments too! We are the laughing stock of the world right about now 🙂

  7. Yes, even for a few minutes as I look at these beautiful pictures. That lilac is possibly the largest I have ever seen. I would love to be a nose length from it.

  8. Hi Jason,
    Such lovely peonies. The lilac is the biggest I´ve ever seen. The scent must be intoxicating. I don´t know what to say about Trump. Hopefully he will not be the candidate for the Republicans. But he is scary…

  9. Those are some peonies, especially Chocolate Soldier! And your ploy worked. I didn’t think of Donald Trump once while I was looking at those peonies.

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  11. Oh….I am now beautifully soothed! That awful creature is all over our news as well….unbloomingbelievable! xxx

  12. Jason, thank you for your diversionary tactics. The peonies and lilac worked for the time I was reading your post. Enjoyed the comments too. We can’t get away from him for very long, it seems. . .

  13. I wonder if naughty gardeners are sent to peony gardens when they die, so they can stake peonies for eternity. They’re beautiful and I love them but staking all of those plants would be a bit much.

  14. Isn’t it amazing how many varieties of Peonies there are, and how each everyone pulls you in with a deep breath ? Soul therapy….thank you!!

  15. Love this post, and it couldn’t be more timely. They are all beautiful, but America jumped out at me – gorgeous. I think this political situation right now including the entire cast of characters is discouraging with Trump leaving us to shake our heads just a little more than the rest. I think the news heads should start talking about flowers and we might all be better for it. :-).

  16. Oh gosh yes — we need all the botanical help possible, because that man is just a horror show that seems to get worse every week. 😦 This latest is simply (or should be) beyond the pale. Kudos to the university in Scotland who today stripped him of the honorary degree they’d given him; now if only he would strip himself out of American politics!

  17. Enjoyed the peonies, Jason (lovely photos, Judy), but the comparison was even better. As someone above wrote, you trumped the chump. And long may the trumping continue.

  18. The peonies are wonderful, but that lilac bush is just absolutely stunning. I can imagine how gorgeous that scent must have been. Oh yes, that was great therapy – thanks for sharing, Jason!

  19. Really beautiful! Mr. Trump has even made our news over here, surely no-one takes him seriously, I’d rather think about beautiful peonies!

    • It’s quite stunning but I hate to think of the damage a heavy rain at the wrong time might do. Although they do have a collection that blooms over a long season.

  20. I do hope you will continue with the distractions in the coming year. It looks like they will be needed more than ever.

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