All Flung Out

Well, the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling is done, and I don’t mind telling you I’m exhausted. A good kind of exhausted, though.


This year the flingers visited public and private gardens from the National Mall in DC to the Maryland suburbs and the hills of Northern Virginia.

DSC_0379Judy took about 1,500 photographs. Many hours of photo sorting lie in my future.

DSC_0280I’m going to wait until late in the year before I start writing about the gardens we saw.

DSC_0125But for now I just wanted to give you a little taste.

DSC_0965Children’s Garden at Brookside Gardens in Maryland.

DSC_0069Judy took about 20 pictures of this giant metal rooster. She was very excited.

DSC_1114Mary Ripley Garden near the Smithsonian administrative center.



DSC_0299Grapes at the Stone Tower Winery in Virginia.

DSC_0432A Tiger Swallowtail at Meadowlark Gardens in Northern Virginia.

DSC_0823One thing that must be said is that the organizers of this year’s Fling did a brilliant job. Particular mention must be made of Tammy Schmitt, who devoted countless unpaid hours with bulldog determination and a creative flair. Her whole team deserves tremendous credit as well.

That’s all for now.

33 Comments on “All Flung Out

  1. Thank you so much! I was so busy keeping everything on track, we didn’t get to hang out much so I’m already looking forward to seeing you and Judy in Texas! 🙂

  2. Am looking forward to your and other Flingers’ posts. I live vicariously! I enjoy these posts. There’s always something good to be seen and different Flingers take different photos so no two posts of the same venue are the same. I think Judy deserves a big metal rooster for all of the photos she took.

  3. Looking forward to seeing all your posts ( & Judy’s photos) and getting a peek into gardens around DC, Maryland and Northen Virginia .. 😀

  4. What a great sneak peak! Marvelous! Looking forward to hearing more about later this year.

  5. Judy managed to capture some great, Flinger-free shots on the gardens. That waterfall of Barbara Katz’ was a signature image for this year’s Fling. Great to see you both again.

    • Catching shots without people seems to be one of her specialties. Great to see you as well. Hope to see you again in Austin.

  6. It was great to see you and Judy and get to compare gall bladder stories. I’m exhausted too. Looking forward to seeing Judy’s photos, especially of the gardens I didn’t see on the second day.

    • Yes, nothing like getting together and discussing our failing organs. It was great to see you as well. Watch this space for more of Judy’s photos.

  7. Can’t wait to see and hear more! Lucky you getting to meet up with Tammy and see her garden, maybe one day I will….xxx

  8. I’ve hear all good things about this year’s fling, I’m looking forward to enjoying the pictures and more stories!

  9. I really appreciated seeing all the Fling pix on FB. You were caught napping on the bus! Looking forward to your posts about DC.

  10. It looks and sounds as though you had a busy time. If you are able, please would you write about what goes into organizing a Fling?

    • I’m the wrong person to ask, since I’ve never been on the organizing end of it. I think fundamentally a ton of logistics and fundraising.

  11. Enjoyed getting to meet you and Judy at this year’s Fling. I also was “good exhausted” afterwards.

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